History of GCC
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~ Historical information gathered by D.M. Johnson

In August of 1912 the Grand View Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Mission Church of Granite, IA was organized in the home of C.T. and Anna Swanson under the supervision of Rev. John Wretlof.  The church building was built by W.V. Arvid of Larchwood and was dedicated on Sunday, May 31, 1914. There was a profitable ladies aid, organized Sunday School, confirmation class and a choir was in view. The church directors of the day were C.T. Swanson, Aug. Swanson and Swan Swanson.

Grandview in 1914   Excerpt from the Larchwood Leader ~ July 30, 1914:
"It is 26x48 ft. in size, has an elevated floor and is finished in oak. In the front are two small rooms, giving the front a pleasing arched effect. To the back on one side of the hall is a serviceable rest room; on the other side the staircase to the basement. The church has four entrances. It has 100 opera chairs and 50 temporary chairs can be brought up from the basement. The basement has cemented floor and is also finished in oak. It consists of the assembly room, kitchen and furnace room. The church is lighted by gas and heated with hot air. Its total estimated cost, barn and lots inclusive, is $5,094.14 and the debt, $263.85.
Sophie & Rev. John Wretlof   Left: Sophie & Rev. John Wretlof ~ served from 1873-1919

Right: Ladies Aid gathered at Emma (Johnson) Longs
  Ladies Aid gathered at Emma Longs
Grandview Covenant Church is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Denomination.